What Is WordPress?


What’s WordPress?

  • What’s WordPress?
  • Simple history of WordPress.

Why it’s substantially greater than the usual blogging tool •.

  • How WordPress functions.
  • Six reasons to pick WordPress.

What is WordPress?

To put it simply, WordPress is web publishing software you can utilize to produce your own web site or site. WordPress has become among typically the most popular web, since it premiered in 2003. More than 70 million sites are powered by it today!

But lots of people don’t understand that WordPress is a lot more just a blogging tool. It’s additionally an extremely flexible content management system (CMS) that allows you to build and manage your own personal full-featured site using just your web browser. Best of all, it’s totally FREE.

That means that hundreds of volunteers from all over the world are constantly creating and enhancing the code for the WordPress applications. And, there are a large number of plugins, widgets, and themes that allow you to build just about any kind of website you can picture.

So, how does WordPress work?

Since the earliest times of the Web, websites are created — a programming language that utilizes directions called ‘tags’ to format text, page layouts, pictures, and the like.

Now, you are able to install the WordPress software script on your own web server in about 5 minutes. Once installed, you’ll use a simple, web-based editor to produce web pages — and never having to learn HTML.



And, because it’s built on industry standard PHP and MySQL, WordPress can run on just about any web server that is modern.

There are several motives WordPress is a great option for assembling business website or your blog.

  1. It ’s user friendly. Rather than having contact a “webmaster” every time you want to make a small change to your website or to hire a web designer, it is possible to easily manage and update your own content — and never having to learn HTML. Actually, should you learn how to utilize the fundamental formatting tools in an application like Microsoft Word, you’re able to edit your website.
  2. It ’s extensible and adaptable. There are thousands of themes and plugins that assist one to easily change the complete appearance of your website, or perhaps add new features such as polls or contact forms, with just a couple of clicks.
  3. Next, should you encounter problems, or you want to include custom features, it’s simple to find support or hire someone to assist you. The official WordPress Forum is a superb place to get responses to your own questions.
  4. WordPress is SEO-friendly. Right from the box, WordPress includes whatever you must make sure that your content is optimized for search engines like Google. This really is important for your website’s visibility and online success.
  5. Last, you’re in charge of your content. Other publishing platforms limit that which you could and can’t do on your own site. Your content could just evaporate if it should shut down. With WordPress, you’ll be able to import your data from other systems like Blogger or Tumblr. And you may also easily export your data to move in the event you select. You’re in charge of your site… and your content.
  6. Meaning that there are a huge selection of people all over the world working on improving WordPress.

Is WordPress right for you personally?

So, if you’re looking for a simple tool that’ll help you to construct your own blog or site without learning HTML that is complex, WordPress is right for you personally. And, you’ll find that WordPress is incredibly elastic, with a large number of themes, plugins, and support options to make sure that your site will continue to grow in the foreseeable future together with you.

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We hope this continues to be helpful, and we anticipate seeing what you’re able to assemble with WordPress!



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